Creatures of Habit

by Contaminate

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released March 30, 2011

All songs by Contaminate

Dylan Ludwig-Guitar/vox
Andres Arenada-Guitar/vox
Dan Scum-Bass/vox
Rob Barisoff-Drums

Recorded by John Bjerke @ Black Labs, Regina Sk
Artwork/layout by Justin Ludwig



all rights reserved


Contaminate Saskatchewan

"Boasting a line-up of prairie hardcore vets with decades of combined experience ranging from DFA and Kleins96 to Death Sentence and Failed States, CONTAMINATE wastes no time in unleashing seven blistering tracks of aggressive, ungodly vitriol, combining elements of hardcore, thrash metal and early punk into anthems of dissatisfaction and disgust with the modern world." -HKR ... more

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Track Name: Creatures of Habit
The hallways are empty, the pictures have faded to black
Some things are better off dead, left in the past
Creatures of habit will choke on their nursery rhymes
As they crawl through the mud we'll make sure that they pay for their crimes

Creatures of habit, run for your lives
Creatures of habit, you'll never survive

The time has come and gone for mass delusions
From now on the right conclusions will be drawn
They see the anger in our stare, there's something darker in the air, this revolution's only fair

Libraries emptied, refilled with the knowledge they hid
Ideas so backwards, so wrong, you have to admit
Creatures of habit have choked on the blood that's been spilled
Prayers never answered and prophecies never fulfilled

Creatures of habit will pay...
Track Name: This Means War
You play the part when you need to feel strong
But you know deep inside that this all feels so wrong
Keep giving up when your life gets too hard
Cause when it comes to your life you know you're not in charge

You can do it yourself, you can make it your choice
But you can't handle it, I hear the crack in your voice

There's a war going on everywhere
I can see that you don't even care

For those of us who feel the need to move on
And the pressure to fight and to face it head on
We live and breathe strength and integrity
Truth is our motive, Punk Rock is our creed

This call to arms is a call to unite
Don't give up on the cause don't give up on the fight
Track Name: Deadly Sins
Reckless indulgence, the thrill of the hunt
Obsessed with the primitive pounding of drums
One with the dark and the desolate cold
Warmed by the hell fire that burns in our souls

Deadly sins
No one wins

A world bent on pride, lust and greed
But these sins mean nothing to me
I'll never repent for my life
My sins are my reason to fight

We're gonna die, so prepare for the worst
We're gonna die, both a blessing and curse
We're gonna die, enjoy your life while you can
We're gonna die, don't just wait for the end
Track Name: No End In Sight
I heard a blast outside my door
They turned this confrontation into an all out war
Us versus them, this stupid trend
Your slogans and you posturing are means without an end
No end in sight, can't win this fight
So pick your fucking battles and make sure you pick them right
Don't waste your breath, its all in vain
Step off your fucking pedestal and save yourself the pain

No end in sight
Track Name: Hell Is Other People
Millions of people that drive me insane
Don't tell me we're one and the same
Dead to me
Soon this whole world will go up in flames
There's nobody else you can blame
Dead to me

Hell is you and me, its fucking torture
Hell is what you see, its all around you
Hell is cold and bleak, its dark and empty
Hell is fine by me

Conflict and hatred, its no surprise
You won't even look in my eyes
Dead to me
How can we live if we can't co-exist
I'm crossing you fucks off my list
Dead to me
Track Name: Barry Bongwater
You were elected cause the people wanted change
But there's some things about you that I find a little strange
You smoke marijuana and you even do cocaine

Barry Bongwater
Do you really believe in god?
Barry Bongwater
You're just a fucking fraud

A real smooth talker and you're easy on the eyes
I think that you're a fucker and I see right through your lies
You made a bunch of wild empty promises to get elected
Ignorant to the fact that the system is defective
Old white men behind a curtain really run the world
You're just a puppet and a slave to them all and
You sure don't deserve to win the nobel prize for peace
When your army's killing people in the fucking middle east

Barry Bongwater
What kind of name's Barrack?
Barry Bongwater
You're not even really black
Barry Bongwater
Have another toke
Barry Bongwater
You're just a fucking joke
Track Name: Numbskull
I don't care, I don't want to hear it
I don't want to know, I don't want to be near it
Its all the same, so frustrating
Want to know the truth? No one really cares

Nothing left to say I'm giving up
Nothing left to say don't give a fuck
I'm going to let it go, going to throw it all away
I'm tired of the things I'm supposed to say

A dark room, no one can find me
Lock the door and throw away the key
A black hole deep inside me
A numbskull, a sanctuary